The Path of Velkriss

Noticing Cooperation

Dear Diary,

Have not made an entry since graduating combat school. Much to talk about. Start with the recent news.

The company was resistant to my orders at first, but as the title points out, beginning to notice some cooperation. The little one referred to me as “Sir” and followed my orders without any words. That one is very useful. Others seem to disobey orders for the sake of disobeying them. “I don’t follow orders!” was repeated many times. Must think of what to say to this. Disappointed by Hector, felt that he might follow my orders simply out of the common sense of doing so. Perhaps feel threatened by me? Can’t be sure. Something to worry about once we leave the keep.

Disturbed by company’s recent talk of “spirits” of note in the mysterious “Senor Lobo” believe that is draconic for “Mister Wolf.” My draconic needs polishing, could be wrong. Should talk to Febronia about this, seems to specialize in spiritual matters.

Noticed a change in Eldrian. His accent is slightlty different. Definite change in behavior. Asked him about it, but deflected. Safe to assume has something to do with pool of blood. Yet again, I find myself having to ask help of Febronia. The change is most definitely not somatic.

Watched another warrior fall in combat today. Upsetting. Another son without a father. Wondering if Hector and I should tell son the truth. Principles dictate tell him the truth, his father died by his own blade so he would not hurt others. Yes, truth is the best option. The lad will grow into a hell of a warrior.

Communicated with another spirit. Disturbed by the amount of spirits in recent journal entries. Walked into this keep starkly disbelieving of the beyond. A trip to baator has made me believe. The spirit of the ghost we had just taken care of. (Wondering how a ghost can have a ghost. So many questions.) Tried to turn Hector, Ramon, and I against one another. Failed, but had I not spoken up, we all would have believed it was only us hearing it. Wonder how many people are hearing this voice and not speaking up?

Doing well with my Dwarven studies. My spoken dwarven is not at its best. My vocabulary is improving.

Learned how to write and pronounce phrase “A dragon, scram!” Translates to “durgarn a° // valergos°” Might come in handy. Who knows?



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