The Path of Velkriss

Unfortunate Departure (among other things)

Dear Diary,

My death is avenged, by Febronia of all people. The bitch is dead nonetheless, I am happy, I sleep well this night. Well, there are other reasons, but the 4 foot tall cunt being a dead woman is certainly a contributing factor. Perhaps I should talk to someone about this misogynistic diatribe that I find spews out of my mouth at every opportunity.

To baator with that.

Plenty to report. Don’t know where to start.

Knew there was something off about Eldrian, found myself correct, as usual. Told Ramon to steal his key, and he resisted initially but eventually cooperated, the resistance was of no great consequence this time. This time. Hopefully my talk will have straitened him out.

I digress.

This… Phabos (not sure how it is spelled, venturing a wild guess) entangled us the way the Febronia usually does our enemies. Same type of training? Does that associate them? Unlikely, spells can be shared among many disciplines, Siegmund taught me that.


Anyway, Phabos’ motivations unclear, Eldrian claims to have known him extremely intimately, claims him to be a much nobler person, which leads me to three conclusions.

1) Eldrian did not know him nearly as well as he thought he did.

2) His motives are noble in a way that is yet incomprehensible to us.

3) He has fallen far from grace.

Considering the taint’s involvement, my gold goes to conclusion #3. Anything could happen.

Interesting revelation as to the Grim Azure, my assumption was that it was some sort of device for the spreading of the taint. Wondering exactly how one would presume to control such a killing machine, I doubt it would follow orders out of gratitude.

Laressa parted with us, for the best, tactically I had trouble directing her, she seemed to question orders for the novelty of doing so, and in terms of arcane fire support she was nothing to write home about. She seemed almost immediately replaced by this new girl who calls herself “Dij” quite obviously a pseudonym, but I needn’t pry, I prefer monosyllabic names, easier to shout. Precious seconds preserved, not aware of any abilities she might have.

This “Dij” went into Klaus’ tent, but then left in a huff. Poor boy, with all the gusto that he tells a story, still daunted by that all intimidating other gender.

Grizzilda fucks like a lioness. I think I took more damage in my tent than I did on the actual battlefield, wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing that good is free however, in one way or another, she is playing some angle on me, might as well enjoy it.

Concerned in terms of Celeste, with her… not sure how to word it. Partner? Girlfriend? Lover? Without Laressa she may deteriorate into self-destructive behavior if their emotional attachment was half as intimate as their physical one. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and heartbroken links tend to be very weak indeed.

Hopefully this can be dealt with in the downtime to our next assignment, even I tire of the battles. Also there is the matter of Trot Fox. Hopefully he is more of a business man than a trickster, if there is one thing I trust a rogue to do is try to get more than is offered, the trick is to make what you are offering the more profitable option. Working on my approach as we speak. Hopefully my reputation has spread to him as more than just your average, naive, noble whelp.

My dwarven grammar has improved and from what I hear my renver is flawless. Some vocabulary words confound me, but all in good time.


Phebos is the proper spelling. =P


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