• Claus Wolfenhaust

    Claus Wolfenhaust

    Aspiring to be the leader "I cannot remain neutral while my party is in the midst of breaking itself"
  • Datius Brighton

    Datius Brighton

    A young, thin blonde haired blue eyed lad with bright blue eyes and fair complexion. Hieght: 5'-7'', Wieght: 121 lb
  • Febronia Ridgeley

    Febronia Ridgeley

    Favorite character. Short white hair, amber eyes, human spirit shaman. Also was once a human druid. Based on the characters Febronia, Virgil, Kos-Mos, and Shion from Xenosaga
  • Ivan Devastis

    Ivan Devastis

    dark green scales, yellow eyes, necklace of tiger eye gems, scout clothing
  • Lysander Winterstar

    Lysander Winterstar

    Tactical leader, cunning financier, madman.
  • Ramon Richards

    Ramon Richards

    9 feet tall and made of bronze? Not even close...
  • Duke Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh

    Duke Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh

    "He is a wonderful man, and a grand ruler! He is a hero to us." - Mary Brilien, half-elven waitress at the Silver Swan Inn.
  • Ivan Cronos

    Ivan Cronos

    "Every night I mourn the loss of all those who've fallen to help Direvia. Their sacrifices will never be in vain, or forgotten" Ivan Cronos, Guildmaster of the Guild of Velkriss.