Duke Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh

"He is a wonderful man, and a grand ruler! He is a hero to us." - Mary Brilien, half-elven waitress at the Silver Swan Inn.


Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh Lawful Good Human Aristocrat/15 Deity: Bahamut

Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 24 (+7)

The current ruler of Suvangard, the seventh son of the noble line stands well-built and proud. His hair is a hazel-brown, and a well-trimmed beard lines his face, and his eyes are a piercing shade of blue. Despite the great amount of stress he feels over his city and region, none of it shows up upon his face, which constantly exudes confidence and kindness. He wears a set of platinum armor that is emblazoned with the draconic vestige of Bahamut, his armor and weaponry resonating powerful arcane blessings from the remaining Seven Mages of Suvangard.


The seventh head of the Suvangard family was born many years ago, every detail of his life chronicled by the various scribes and writers employed by the wealthy nobles. Born as a strong and healthy young lad, Gregory was enlisted into the Suvangard Academy of Sword and Sorcery at the age of thirteen. While unable to perform any form of magic, except for the nearly arcane manipulation of wordplay, Gregory instead prospered as a swordsman. Graduating from the academy at a young age, spending the years between his graduation and ascension to the throne studying various subjects, assisting the city, and readying himself for his future role as duke of Direvia.

Gregory did little to separate himself from the routines of his predecessors, until making a controversial decision. He allowed elves to gain access to jobs and respectable positions, such as guards and spell casters, within the walls of Suvangard. This was met with concern by the nobles of the region, but met with overwhelming approval from the common people. Soon enough this new order grew more and more lenient, and soon the more bestial races, including Micefolk, lizard folk, and orcs were allowed to home within the city. This was the final straw for the Council of Nobles and soon a large struggle between the ethics of Gregory and the views of the Council grew to a new peak. Some now label the duke impulsive and short-sighted, while many still view him as kind-hearted and just. Gregory has done little politically from allowing the new races into his city, many rumors claiming a power struggle between the duke and his councilmen prevent him from making a single decree to the people.

The Duke of Suvangard has a daughter and two sons, the products of his marriage to Duchess Rachel Fierna. His daughter Amber, the eldest of the three, would become the High Priestess of the Church of Velkriss, and dwell within Castle Bronzestone with the Guild of Velkriss. Gregory is very proud of his daughter, and regularly sends letters and messengers to check up upon his oldest child. The second of his children is Gregory Suvangard the Eight, his firstborn son and future ruler of Direvia. It is well-known by the people of Suvangard that their duke’s son almost didn’t survive his early childhood, falling prey to a deadly sickness. However, due to the efforts of the Seven Mages of Suvangard, the future duke was saved from death, and the people have come to greatly care for Suvangard the Eight, who regularly attends public festivals and events. His father is very proud as well, seeing his first son as a worthy heir to his throne. Finally, Gregory and Rachel had a third child, a second son they named Ambrose. The final child of the Suvangard family is a bitter boy, many believe because of his destiny to never rule, and instead follow his older brother. While Gregory greatly enjoys the company of his eldest son, it is known he keeps a distance from his cold son, eventually assigning him to Captain of the Guard within Suvangard.

While some dislike his trusting nature, Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh is well-liked by his people, and many pray daily that he will continue to rule for many more years.

Duke Gregory Norvis Suvangard the Seventh

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