Lysander Winterstar

Tactical leader, cunning financier, madman.


Lysander stands at 6’5” and weighs 175 pounds. He has Blonde hair that he slicks back from his forehead, and blue eyes. He is very handsome, despite his constant scowl. He has a very forceful attitude is utterly merciless, however, every soldier who dies alongside him he considers a personal failure, and he does not take personal failure well. He habitually fights with a Glaive and wears a chain shirt.

Level 6 Marshal

  • HP: 50
  • AC: 18
  • BAB: +6/+1
  • Cha: 20
  • Str: 16
  • Con: 13
  • Int: 14
  • Dex: 14
  • Wis: 13

Lysander; The Demon of Rokugan

Lysander; The Birth of a Hero.

Lysander Winterstar, the prodigious son of the Winterstar noble family. The young man whose idealism and bright attitude have been crushed under the boot of the politics of his own father, the ruler of the Winterstars, Klaus Winterstar.

Lysander was born to the human family of the Winterstars, and because of their latent angelic genetics was born an Aasimar. A human with angelic abilities. As Lysander grew, his parents began to notice his sharp intellect, perception, and ability to lead and influence. He was unfortunately barred from inheriting the throne of the Winterstars as his hair was blonde, and an ancient curse had been placed on the Winterstar noble family, if any noble son were to take the throne who did not have auburn colored hair, the family would fall. Knowing that he would never inherit the throne, Lysander was trained as a warrior and an intelligent businessman, so that he may one day find himself of use to the family.

His teacher in both disciplines was a man named Mazer Rackham, an old friend of Klaus’ and an eccentric, pragmatic, martial artist from the far away land of Rokugan. His beliefs boiled down to one simple principle. There is no dishonor, no taboo, and no line that should not be crossed, or violated in the sake of besting one’s opponent.

Mazer’s lessons were torture on the best of days, but Lysander persevered with the support of his friend, Iterys. Iterys was a member of the Summercloud family. The longtime servants of the Winterstar family. Despite Iterys being something of a second class citizen, he became the best friend and closest ally to Lysander.

At the age of 8 his mother gave birth to three more children. The first to arrive would be Claudia, her hair the color of wheat. The second to arrive was Taylor, this one with silver hair. The final child to be born in that one day would be Siegmund, with hair the color of his father’s. This one would ascend the throne.

Like his brother, from a young age Siegmund showed cunning and charisma, unlike his brother, however, the sake of the families future concerned him very little.

Lysander; The Goblin War.

By the age of 15 Lysander had become an accomplished commander, and was captain of the guard in the Winterstar homeland, with Iterys as his Lieutenant.

During the peaceful days, Iterys pursued the local farmers daughters, while Lysander found himself attracted to Iterys’ sister Lillith. Lysander hid this relationship from Iterys as long as was possible, but when the subterfuge wore thin, Iterys could barely face his friend.

To distract Lysander and Iterys from their falling out was a surprisingly strong coalition of goblins tribes who sought to overcome the Winterstar commonwealth. Lysander’s father Klaus put him in charge of pushing the encroaching goblins back. As usual Iterys followed out Lysander’s orders to a T, but past that, not a single word was said between them.

During the climax of the fighting Iterys found his life and the lives of the special forces he commanded in peril greater than he could escape, and it was Lysander who came to his rescue. Lysander and Iterys returned, and when the fighting subsided Iterys was more than pleased to allow Lysander to court his sister.

It was Lysander’s intelligence that forced the goblins back, and it was Lysander’s zeal and charisma that made him a hero.

Lysander; The Betrayal

“Lysander should lead!” The peasants and soldiers would cry to him.

“Klaus is a monster! The golden prince should rule this land!”

Lysander had always believed his father’s tyranny to be justified, and went on to ignore the peasants pleas for him to lead.

This opinion changed when Lysander watched his young brother Siegmund beaten in Klaus’ court for a childish mistake. It was that moment Lysander saw the true animal his father was, and that every greedy contemptible political action that had been taken was just that. From that moment on Lysander starkly opposed his father, and felt it his right to lead and set right what his father’s tyranny had set wrong.

Conveniently, Lysander’s rebellion came at a time wherein the Winterstar territory had to be expanded, so off Lysander was shipped with Iterys and Mazer, and all of the men that could be armed to overtake a neighboring city-state.

The invasion was an utter success, and soon all that stood between Lysander and the conquered capitol was a weakened and demoralized militia.

As the final military push began, Lysander felt uneasy, for good reason. As the militia could be seen over the green hills he was seized inexplicably by Mazer. Lysander demanded a reason, and was informed by Mazer of the betrayal. Despite the success of the invasion Klaus had ordered Iterys and Mazer to offer Lysander to the city-state as a scapegoat, the Winterstar army would retreat and Lysander would be handed over to the opposition and be held responsible for the invasion. While his army retreated, the militia carried Lysander away. He screamed to his men, his teacher, to his best friend, but only the latter turned. “I’m sorry, Lysander.” he said “I… I’m so damn sorry.”

Lysander was paraded through the streets, the citizens laughed, and pointed, and spat and screamed for his head. He was dragged to the open court in the center of town and beaten mercilessly.

It was after the beatings, in the center of town when the mayor decreed the punishment. He would not be executed. For every day of a year, he would be tortured ruthlessly.

Lysander; The Escape.

In the first three months Lysander prayed for death. By the fourth month, he realized they would keep him alive no matter what. Limbs would be severed, only to be magically returned, so that they might be severed again. For those first three months, Lysander screamed for amnesty, then he screamed for forgiveness, then he screamed for help. By the fourth month, he had finally stopped screaming, retreating into his own mind. In his mind he came to the conclusion that Iterys and Mazer had been the tools of his father from the very beginning and the territoral expansion was all a clever trap planned by his father. In the next three months he plotted revenge on Iterys, Mazer and Klaus. Every inhumane horror performed on Lysander would be done to Iterys, or Klaus, or Mazer ten times over in his mind. In the next three months, Lysander laughed. Every single blade or bludgeon put to him, he would laugh, not because it did not hurt him, but because he knew it hurt his tormentors. The torture only got worse, but Lysander’s sickly, disturbed laughter only got louder. In the final three months, Lysander was left alone in a tiny room, with no light. Only his own ravaged mind and the occasional plate of gruel to keep him company.

In this one year, Lysander had died, and been brought back a madman. The gentle smile that once blessed his face had been replaced by a permanent scowl. His blue eyes which used to shine now were the dull eyes of someone without a soul.

At the end of the twelfth month Lysander finally saw where he was, as he was brought out of his solitary confinement. The deepest darkest dungeon of a large prison. He was thrown in a cell amongst the other prisoners and was left to be dealt with by them.

Lysander stayed silent mostly reflecting on the horrors that had been inflicited on him for a year. But in one instant, where the two dominant men in the prison tried to assault him, he came out of his shell of self reflection, violently murdering them with a rusted iron pole.

That day Lysander spoke his first words in 10 months. “I am Lysander, come back from the dead. Fear me, or face your gods.”

From that day on, he asserted himself as the dominant man in the prison, and eventually staged a successful coup on the guards. In the confusion of the attack he escaped the prison and boarded the first ship out of the city. He found later in the journey that he was on a trade ship headed for the land of his master’s home; Rokugan.

Lysander; Rokugan

It was a long journey to Rokugan, and in the time Lysander felt rage that boiled like it never had before. Every day Lysander had to fight to contain the ever growing rage, rage against his tormentors, rage against his father, rage against Mazer, rage against Iterys, rage against cruel fate. When Lysander arrived he was immediately accosted by tax collectors who demanded a payment for the journey. “I have already paid.” He told them, but they persisted. They threatened Lysander for the money which he did not have, and when no payment was made they kidnapped him. They made way for him to be brought to the local dungeon but on their way the local resistance saved him.

Lysander thanked these men, and decided what better outlet for his rage than a local corrupt government? He reasoned with their leader, Glen, yet another eccentric martial artist, and eventually they came to an agreement that Lysander would offer his expertise in the war on the local Daimyo. With Lysander’s help, the resistance grew to greater and greater success until such a point where they were prepared to stage a full scale coup on the capitol.

Lysander planned for months to orchestrate the perfect invasion, and when the time came he led the secondary assault team into battle. Every man he killed, every tool of the corrupt, juvenile, monstrous noble that was slain by his hand brought him closer to vengeance. He and his men fought through the outskirts of the city, hindering the reinforcements to the center of town, where Glen led the main force.

It was Lysander’s secondary assault that finally made it to the safehouse where the noble hid. After slaying the guards Lysander bade the man to kneel before him. The noble pleaded for his life, bargained with Lysander, attempted to bribe Lysander’s men. Lysander said nothing as the noble pleaded. The truth was that Lysander did not hear a word the man had said. The only sound Lysander could hear was the screaming, Lysander’s own scream from within the prison, the scream he screamed everyday in his head, the screams he screamed at Iterys, and Mazer, and his father, and the gods. Before he realized it he was screaming as he hacked the noble to peices.

Lysander’s men were so disturbed they refused to speak of it. When they celebrations of victory were held in the conquered grand hall the men of the secondary assault sat silently. Their wives asked what bothered them so, why they would not return their affection, why they sat in silence. Every one responded the same. “My love, I saw a demon today.”

Lysander; The Return

The new ruler did well for the people, and because of Lysander’s integral part in the success of the rebellion, he was treated like a king. For five years he lived freely and without financial worry. Every need he had was handed to him gladly by the grateful government. But in the time, he grew complacent. He longed for the bloodlust, the sounds and smells of battle. He resolved to leave, but knew not where until he met a traveler. A 5 star adventurer with the guild of Velkriss, he claimed to be. “This guild.” Lysander asked the man “Tell me more.”

The man informed him that the guild of velkriss, in the land of Derivia, was the place to be for anyone who craved adventure, but didn’t feel like dying for it. Lysander obtained a boat and a crew and set sail for Derivia. Once in Derivia he joined a prestigious combat academy, as in his five years of rest his edge had grown rust. He graduated at the top of his class and was given a gushing recommendation for his acceptance into the guild of Velkriss.

The first time Lysander had ever set sail was all those seven years ago on the way to the city-state where he had been betrayed by Iterys and Mazer. Now he set sail again, no longer Lysander the prodigious son of the Winterstars. No longer the golden prince, the hero of the common man. He was Lysander, the cold, calculating, ruthless, demon of Rokugan.

Lysander Winterstar

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