Datius Brighton

A young, thin blonde haired blue eyed lad with bright blue eyes and fair complexion. Hieght: 5'-7'', Wieght: 121 lb


Honorable Master Datius Brighton, Heir to the Barony of the White Tower Human LG Noble 6 HP: 38(6d8+12) Speed: 30 ft Initiative:+2 Str 12 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 14 Cha 19 BA+4 Fort+4 Ref+6 Will+9 Ac: 16 (+4 armor, +1 shield, +1 dex) Feats: Iron Will, Negoitator, Skill Focus (Dimplomacy), Leadership (Leadership Score:13) Special Abilities: Bonus Class Skill (Handle Animal), Inspire Confidence 2/day, favor+2, Cooridonate+1 Skills: +9 Bluff, +24 Dimplomacy, +15 Gather Information, +8 Handle Animal, +12 Knowledge (Nobility and Royality), +8 Knowledge (Local), +5 Ride, +13 Sense Motive, +9 Speak Language, Gear: Dagger with a blood stone in hilt (60 gp), Raiper, Shortbow, Quiver of 16 Arrows, Buckler, Chainshirt, Gift of Sapheiria*, Masterwork Chasitybelt with an Amazing Lock, Ring with a Jasper Stone (50 gp), Ring with a Moonstone (50 gp), Sigent Ring, Sealing wax, Small Steel Mirror, Noble’s Outfit, Cold Weather Outfit, Courtier’s Outfit, <outfits> Pouch belt, Moonstone (50 gp), Guild Badge, Vergio Card, Potion of Cure Lightwounds, (2) inkpen , Ink (2oz), (30) Paper , Scroll Case, Light Horse (With Riding Saddle, Soap (3 lb), Tent, Bed Roll, Waterskin, Saddle Bags, and (9) Torch ) and Wagon ( with (2) Light Horse, (30) Trail Ration, (30) Feed, Longsword, Rope Silk (100 ft), (3) Barrel of Water, Barrel of ale, (13) Heavy Wooden Shield, (12) Drawfven Waraxes, (8) Shortbow, (12) Scale Mail and (8) Quivers of 20 Arrows.) Weapons: Dagger +5 Melee (1d4+1) 19-20/x2, Raiper +5 Melee (1d6+1) 18-20/x2, Shortbow +5 Range: 60 ft (1d6) x3


It was a very nervous mid-morning within the walls of Brighton Keep. The servants could be seen rushing in and out of Lady Brighton’s Bedchamber as Lord Brighton, Barron of Dubards and Scion of the White Tower was nervously pacing outside the chamber. In the chamber Lady Brighton was giving Brith, and seeing that the woman had given brith to 3 Daughters each 2 years apart the nobleman was very worried that he would have to purchase more fey dolls for a fourth girl. That was when the main Bulter had called the master of the house in and everyone rushed in anticipation. It was like something out of a angellic murial. Lady Brighton was within bed almost completely forgotten of the pain and terribly struggle she had just faced, engrossed by the new babe’s sweet smile. The young babe was now the center of attention in the room. Light poured in through the keep’s old stained glassed windows and the white sheets and drapes added to the heavenly affect. The child had hair of gold, just like Lady Brighton and was so sound and peaceful that Lord Brighton had little effort lifting the child up for his own wonder. Him holding Datius was probally one of the happiest days of life and there was a greater smile that came after words as he screamed to the heavens:Its a boy! Its a boy! I have a son!” -Reccounts of ‘Father Puck’, Minstrel, Old Friend and Musical Tutor to the Brighton Estate (REST COMING SOON!)

Datius Brighton

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