Claus Wolfenhaust

Aspiring to be the leader "I cannot remain neutral while my party is in the midst of breaking itself"


wants to be the very best at getting in quick jabs with his Rapier and SINGS to inspire the party to go beyond what they think they are capable of



The second son of Count Wolfenhaust. Claus has connection to royalty, he is the second son born after his older twin (by two minutes) brother Luke. Uut of everyone in the immediate Wolfenhaust family Claus may have taken Cecilla Wolfenhaust’s death the worst. Completely changing him, his outlook on life had changed to neutral…


To become leader of the party after realizing how much of a wreck this party is Claus has come to the conclusion that the party needs a leader and if no one else will do it he will

Claus does not believe in Spirits, the sole reason is because if spirits existed why doesn’t his mom visit him at all

Claus Wolfenhaust

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