Febronia Ridgeley

Favorite character. Short white hair, amber eyes, human spirit shaman. Also was once a human druid. Based on the characters Febronia, Virgil, Kos-Mos, and Shion from Xenosaga


20 charisma!! [Even though she is a complete b!tch]
Uses a javelin, bows/arrows, and multiple throwing daggers.
Outfit and fighting style is based heavily on Firion from Final Fantasy: Dissidia.
Favorite spell is DEFINITELY Entangle and Flaming Sphere.
Has a spirit companion in the form of a oversized riding dog named Virgil.

On a side note, Damien is dark haired, tan, with green eyes to contrast with Febronia’s appearance.


It’s like the darkness is the light… No not really. Well kind of, but that’s not the point. Here she is, my most favorite character! I have worked on her constantly over the last year and now she is absolute perfection. I LOVE playing as her and I know I can do that to excess sometimes. But I have to thank you guys for giving me the chance to create her. Febronia unlike Aja is a full out shaman & an extremely powerful one at that. Her story I think is the most tragic and also my favorite. And she has a Scottish accent which makes everything better. Anyway — Unknown to her she is the daughter of gypsy’s (her mother being very powerful in the art of divination and was being hunted down for her powers) They foresaw their death and left her as an infant in the kingdom of Miltia to make sure she was was raised safely and would never be tracked down. She was found by a young boy named Damien (4 at the time) and was taken to the local baker and his wife who were never able to have children. (This being based on the fairy tale) She grew to be a beautiful, kind, sweet girl loved by everyone. Silver hair, eyes the color of amber, pale skin, innocent face. She had the power to connect, channel, and talk to the spirit world from the beginning and actually aided the village asking for their help in terms of harvest and peace. It was like this for many years until she reached around 12 when Lord Helmer (the ruler of Miltia) received a new leader in his military: Colonel Wilhelm. A savage man, twisted in his mind that was famous for his hunt of the despicable race: the gypsy’s. He had become aware of Febronia’s existence and requested to join Helmer’s army in order to finally wipe out the gypsy race. Miltia became a corrupted kingdom where raids and battle happened almost everyday and someone was always killed. Febronia’s parents were killed in one of these attacks when the army raided their house in search of her. She luckily wasn’t home at the time and when her parents refused to answer questions they were killed. Damien who had been her friend since childhood helped her through their death and eventually they fell in love and became engaged. When she was 20, the villagers waged war on Helmer for the chaotic oppression and Damien was in charge of the militia. On the first day of battle Damien left her sure that their victory was at hand. But the spirits warned her that Damien would die on the battlefield unless he was stopped. She raced to catch him, but when she arrived at the battlefield she saw Damien falling to the ground, a large spear through his chest. Something snapped inside her and without any control of what she was doing she channeled an immense amount of dark spirit energy through her onto Helmer’s army and manor like a tidal wave. But not only did it kill Helmer and his army instantly, it killed the militia as well. When she finally gained control the only survivor was Wilhelm who before disappearing only said, “Now you’ve lost everything you disgusting vermin… but you will never kill me.” Now a reject of the kingdom and a completely changed woman, Febronia left to find Wilhelm and take revenge for her parents and Damien.

Febronia Ridgeley

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