Ivan Cronos

"Every night I mourn the loss of all those who've fallen to help Direvia. Their sacrifices will never be in vain, or forgotten" Ivan Cronos, Guildmaster of the Guild of Velkriss.


Ivan is a child, a young boy with bright, golden hair and bright eyes of the same color, usually garbed in a simple attire often worn by monks. However, even though his body appears to be small, he is both incredibly lithe and abnormally strong. His training rivals that of monks who have spent their entire life practicing martial arts and meditation, the way such a child came to have such skills are unknown to all but the highest ranking members of the Guild of Velkriss.

Before Ivan Cronos, the well-respected knight Peter Illios of the Silver Drake, was the Guildmaster of the guild of adventurers, his reign long and helpful to the denizens of Direvia. However, the aging warrior disappeared within the swamps of Southern Direvia, and over a period of many weeks nothing was discovered but his powerful blade, the holy Sword of Saint Mercy. While the remaining Council of Nine quickly gathered to discuss who would fill the role of Guildmaster, Suvangard quickly stepped in with their answer. The young monk was brought forth, and their was an outcry of rage and betrayal from the Guild, the adventurers and heroes thinking Suvangard was greatly insulting them with the proposition. Ivan agreed, and instead of immediately taking his position, did several dangerous missions under the watchful eye of the Guild and Suvangard. The Guild was amazed by the child, and upon learning his morals fit that of their former leader, and that his compassion for the people of Direvia was very large, the Council of Nine gladly welcomed their new leader.

Ivan has been in the position of Guildmaster for five years, and has won the approval of most adventurers in Direvia. While compassionate, the young leader lacked much worldly knowledge, and soon took Lady Amber, the High Priestess of Velkriss, as his adviser. The two have proven to be an excellent team, greatly decreasing the troubles within Direvia, and greatly easing the tension that had begun to rise between the Guild and Suvangard. Many thought the golden age of the Guild of Velkriss was upon them, and commoner and nobleman alike felt great safety, knowing the caring Guildmaster would help any in need.

Ivan’s reign was challenged by occasional threats, but nothing horrific occurred until news of the Taint reached him, and groups of adventurers began vanishing upon missions. The Guildmaster quickly sent his most well-trained agents to investigate this dire threat, and was soon rewarded with grim news. Ivan has become stressed, now feeling pressure from all cities and towns of Direvia, as well as his own guild members, to save Direvia from the horrible plague that now threatens to cover it. The young leader now works vigorously, intending to save everyone who had put their trust in him….

Ivan Cronos

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