The Beginning

In history barely touched by the most dusty, ancient of tomes there were no welcoming towns, no sparkling cities, and no humans at all in the vast region which would become known as Direvia. There were merely the long-lived races, each keeping their owns customs, practices, and government within their well-marked territories. The elves and fey dwelled within the deep woodland of Brem’veril, the dwarves in the tall mountains of The Silver Peaks, and the vile reptilian races lurked within the vast swamp that surrounded a glorified pool of mud, dubbed The Lake of Bile by the fey of the region. While minor skirmishes broke out between these factions, a steady peace was kept up for hundreds of years, true war unknown to the land. This would all change when the humans of the Northlands descended upon the region.

The humans were from the war-torn lands of the North, and were now united in loss and sorrow. Coming from various cities and towns, and united under the golden banner of Gregory Norviss Suvangard the First, the humans found the bountiful region of Direvia by sheer chance. They quickly came to love the bountiful region, and built their own settlement, using their leader as the namesake for their new home.The city took a great deal of time and effort to create, and it was not until the late years of Suyvangard the Second that the new home for the united people was created. Soon after the completion of their city, they were visited by the curious natives of the land, all of whom were turned away by the new human city. Their time at war, losing their loved ones and homes, had left the people of Suvangard with a deep sense of xenophobia. The elves, dwarves, and other races left the city, and many remember the humans of Suvangard as stuck-up and fearful to this day.

The Time of Guilds

However, their neighbors in the land of Direvia were not the only problems that the new city faced, domestic problems had begun to arise as well. The people of Suvangard, each with their own set of customs and traditions from their homes in the Northlands, began to argue over what would be the proper way to enforce the law in their new, united city. Duke Suvangard. Some practice were completely monstrous, others compassionate, but all with the Suvangard’s best intentions in mind. And so, instead of one law enforcing organization, the city created eight to uphold the order in this new region. These eight guilds, along with the enigmatic independent guild known as the Order of Ouroboros, monitored Direvia and protected it from foreign and domestic threats.

However, during the middle of Gregory Suvangard the Third’s reign, a horrible war broke out between the nine guilds. Some claim it was a diffrence in practice, while others claimed it to be the work of dark spellcasters that drove the organizations to fight each other, but in the blink of an eye the nine guilds fought each other with spell and sword. The newest ruler of Suvangard was horrified from this, and sealed the gates of his city from the guilds which had sworn to protect it. During a night of troubled dreams, it is said that the ruler had a vision. He was to climb the deadly Silverpeak Mountains, and speak with the golden wyrm which dwelled within it. Willing to accept help from any source, the ruler followed his vision and began to scale the mountain with group of his bravest and strongest warriors.

When he reached the top of the mountains, he discovered a vast cave filled with incredible treasure and wonders. But most amazing of all was the master of the lair; an ancient golden dragon. The wyrm known as Arcanicus explained that he had watched the city of Suvangard from the beginning, impressed that the people had come to build, and not destroy. The dragon had grown tired of the feuds of the elves and the orcs, and was proud to see a new race begin something productive. However, he was saddened by the violence of the nine guilds, and with the loss of the guilds morals, Arcanicus explained he would be departing from Direvia. However, before he left, he created eight magical candles from his own blood, one for each school of the arcane. With his final gift delivered to the ruler of Suvangard, Arcanicus departed from his ancient home, never to be seen again…

Meanwhile, the battle of the guilds was reaching its finished, and hundreds upon hundreds of warriors and mages lay dead. It is said that when there was less then a hundred of the combatants left, the ground rumbled and the air was filled with a horrific roar. A magical beast, known as the Tarrasque in ancient legends, rose from the deep earth and preceded to destroy Direvia when it was at its weakest. Small towns were utterly annihilated by the vast monster, countless innocent people dying in less then three days. The remaining survivors of the guild war came to a conclusion; they had to protect the land of Direvia no matter their differences. So the guilds each chose their strongest survivor to face the Tarrasque, forming the group which would become known through legend as the Nine Heroes.

The third ruler of Suvangard was quickly informed of the catastrophic situation upon his return home, just as the horrific Tarrasque reached the gates of the city. Brave knights were easily defeated by the beast, while the eight greatest spellcasters of the region were gifted the eight dragon-blood candles. With the powerful artifacts at their disposal, the mages were able to hold the beast at bay, but not defeat it. They did, however, buy enough time for the Nine Heroes to arrive. Through the combined might of the heroes and the candles, the Tarrasque was defeated. However, the beast soon heal itself from its powerful magical abilities, and begin a new rampage of destruction. This was quickly averted by the arrival of a mysterious fey of Brem’veril, a satyr bard introducing himself as Phebos. The fey sung a beautiful, arcane lulluby, which he promised would keep the beast in permanent slumber. However, not yet ready to completly trust the word of a mysterious fey, Gregory Suvangard the Third had the Tarrasque sealed underground, and a vast castle built atop it. As their punishment for betrayal and failure to protect Direvia, the Nine Heroes were sentenced to protect this castle and the beast it imprisoned for the rest of their lives. They all agreed, except for the representitive of the enigmatic ORder of Ouroboros. Claiming that their order would return “once Direvia needed them most greatly” the remaining members of one of the nine former guilds vanished. Phebos himself volunteered to take the departing members place, and the Nine Heroes were preserved. All the heroes knew their were hardly any warriors or spellcasters left to properly defend the newly built castle or Direvia itself, excluding themselves. Agreeing with this decision, Suvangard sponsored the first Age of Adventuring within its borders.

The Time of Adventuring

Almost all of Direvia was destroyed by the destructive rampage of the Tarrasque, nobleman and commoners alike losing everything they had. This great loss is what made the Age of Adventuring so prosporous, as anyone who had the bravery or will to become an “adventurer”, had nothing to leave behind. Hundreds of men and women armed themselves and set off to Castle Bronzestone, and were taught in the ways of battle by the heroes of the newly established Guild of Velkriss. These adventurers were then paid by Suvangard to explore forgotten ares of Direvia and vanquish dark beasts and monsters, all the while being allowed to keep any treasure or wealth they discovered. The history books of the age are filled with stories of former commoners discovering a forgotten dragon’s horde or treasures of ancient ruins that quickly made them proporous and famous.

However, in time, Suvangard and the Guild of Velkriss were both reminded they were not the only centers of power within Direvia. As adventurers began exploring furthur past the borders of Suvangard, they discovered a large port-city built upon the coastline. This was the city of Azurius, and soon diplomatic talk between the port-city and the more powerful city of Suvangard began, the diplomats of Azurius explaining that the newly discovered city was founded in the times of Gregory Norviss Suvangard the First. As the people of the war-torn lands to the north banded together under his banner, many refused to follow him, forming their own group. While the first ruler of Suvangard took his followers to a prosporous region and grew bountfiul, the other refugees suffered and starved as nomads. Eventually they discovered the newly built city of Suvangard, and begged to be allowed in. However, spiteful that they had not followed him in the beginning of their struggles, Gregory Suvangard the First turned them away. Finding the beauty of Direvia incredible, these nomads established Azurius on the opposite end of the region, in time creating a city as well. However the people of Azurius were willing to let the past stay in the past, and for many years there was peace between Suvangard and Azurius, however tension grew during the reign of Gregory Suvangard the Fourth…

The Path of Velkriss

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